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"I have been seeing Dr. Danielle Baert for almost one and a half years now, mainly for two spinal issues. The lesser one is an injured disc in my neck. The worse one is my lower back. Shortly before I started treatments, I learned that I have spondylolisthesis, my L5 has slid considerably inwards below the L4 vertebrae and the disc appears to be completely gone. This was giving me extreme lower back pain.  I was on a list for fusion surgery.  As it turns out, I'm glad the waiting time was so long. Dr. Baert has been doing acupuncture and fire cupping every week for the first while, and now usually every two weeks.  She also has me doing moxibustion at home. The progress seemed slow and subtle, but the difference in pain level and range of motion over this time has been incredible. So much so that I recently took myself off the surgery list, as I can function with minimal pain now. 


Also, I am not a sedentary type of person, I do fairly heavy physical work as a machinist/welder and also do a lot of outdoor activities. A year and a half ago I was seriously thinking I couldn't carry on doing the kind of work I do (I'm almost 54, it's scary to change fields now) and really limiting my outdoor pursuits. My back and neck were becoming debilitating and I was taking a lot of painkillers as well. Thanks to Dr. Baert I'm able to work with minimal discomfort and I'm back fishing and hunting hardcore again. To me it's like a miracle, next to no meds and no surgery and I have my life back.


The moxibustion does wonders for my neck, bringing very quick relief when it does give me trouble. Before starting with Dr. Baert when my neck would flare up, it would often take 3-4 weeks until the pain would subside, now it only takes a day or two and never gets to the same level of pain it used to. 


She also makes the experience in her office very pleasant. I was very squeamish about needles before, but she is very good with them and now they don't bother me anymore. She is very caring, calm and patient and we always have some sort of interesting conversation, so I actually look forward to my appointments. I would highly recommend treatment by Dr. Baert.


I didn't really know anything or have an opinion about Traditional Chinese Medicine prior, but now I'm an absolutely firm believer. Also for anyone trying it, I'd say "stick with it!" As I said earlier, it was slow and subtle, but incredible results. If I would have stopped after a couple of months, I would've said "it gave me a bit of relief". I'm very thankful I stuck with it."

- Mike R.

neck pain

"I had a C5-6 [fusion] surgery last year [2014], I was trying to understand and manage the pain I was going through everyday without much luck. That is when I decided to see Dr. Baert and she helped me understand Chinese medicine. She was very eager to pass on the knowledge that would help me control this everyday pain. She put more than 100% every time I saw her at her clinic. Combination of acupuncture and cupping helped to improve the blood flow and that eventually reduced the level of my pain. She did help me with something that a lot of physiotherapist/massage therapist couldn't do. I would definitely recommend her to someone wanting to know more about their pain and wanting to live free of pain."

- ​K.P.

"My name is Steve and I have been a professional bassoonist for 52 years. In 2009, I became a stroke survivor, sustaining damage to my left side: balance and equilibrium, numbness and fine control of my left hand and leg, as well as fatigue and concentration issues. I received excellent standard of care [from the Western medical system], but was left on my own as to the issues particular to bassoon playing. About 2 years ago, I became aware of Dr. Baert and her work. She employs a range of methods which have been very effective in dealing with all of the problems I’ve mentioned. Perhaps the most amazing technique is that of the scalp needles, particularly effective if left in for several days (I practice with them in!). Recently, after a series of sessions a real breakthrough was achieved: the kink in the fingers of my left hand has all but disappeared. This is of immense value to a bassoonist! What is important here is that stroke survivors should know about this kind of treatment. Either general or specific results are very achievable. Dr. Baert is very skilled and listens acutely. Her manner is gentle and her techniques effective. I am very pleased to have acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine in my life."

- Steve F.


"I came to Dr. Baert for incontinence issues. She listened to my concerns and answered any questions I had. I value that she took time to appreciate my issue, assess, and then apply the most appropriate treatment while helping me to learn and understand the process used. Dr. Baert is caring and empathetic. She is confident in her knowledge which she shares without overwhelming you.  I am very pleased with my results and I recommend Dr. Baert wholeheartedly and without reservation."

- Bea L.


"Met with Dr. Baert seeking acupuncture to give me relief from sinusitis/sinus problems that I have had for months. Dr. Baert was very professional and spent a great deal of time obtaining medical history which was very beneficial as she was able to give me some great pointers on how to reduce my sinus problems. She then administered acupuncture and in that initial visit I obtained some relief. By the 4th visit my sinus was totally unblocked and I was able to take full deep breaths! I continued to see Dr. Baert for 3 more visits for other issues. Each visit Dr. Baert continued to take copious notes and was very helpful in sharing information regarding Traditional Chinese [herbal] Medicine – which I had for 3 of my 7 visits. All in all I am very please with the results Dr. Baert’s treatments provided. I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for natural health care/treatment as opposed to Western medicine."

- Ben H.


"Dr. Danielle Baert has been my Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine/Acupuncturist for +5 years, & I highly recommend her. I see her weekly for debilitating autoimmune disorders (no help from the medical profession). She treats me with regular acupuncture, scalp acupuncture & powdered herbal prescriptions she prepares especially for me. She helps me manage a multitude of changing symptoms, & my health is gradually improving under her care. Progress is slow, because my case is complex & I have been sick for many years (some symptoms from childhood). She diagnosed an iron deficiency years before it was confirmed by lab tests. She is: intelligent, passionate about Chinese Medicine, an excellent listener, patient, genuinely concerned about her patients, a teacher, thorough, pleasant to work with, never pushy. She is willing to work with other health care professionals. She goes above and beyond the call of duty. Clinic is well run; staff are great. Dr. Baert, thank you for giving me a better quality of life!"

- Lu-Lu S.


"Danielle Baert was very empathetic and thorough in her examination. She is a great listener and wants you to get better as soon as possible. She is trustworthy and professional. She spent a lot of time making sure she had all the information correct and sent me emails asking me more specific questions to get the diagnosis right and followed my healing. I had a great experience and my insomnia did get better."

- Amelie B.

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