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Digestive problems are an extremely common complaint. They can make trying to figure out what to eat each day a frustrating problem, or cause people to avoid social dinners.  All of the symptoms below are frequently treated by Dr. Baert.  Note that keeping a log of how often your symptoms occur, and what the possible triggers are can be helpful in determining a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) diagnosis.  

Keep in mind that digestive problems may indicate that you have a more serious condition.  It is a good idea to see your family doctor to get their opinion as well.

All of These Symptoms Can Be Treated With TCM

Food Sensitivities

Certain foods make you regret eating them.  You  don't have to know which ones they are.

Abdominal Pain

It could occur right after you eat, or several hours after eating, or just before you pass a bowel movement.


This includes not going regularly, or the stool is too firm, or both.  For some people, they go every 4 days but the stool is soft. This is still constipation. 


Triggered by certain foods or eating breakfast, or due to morning sickness.  It can be treated with TCM regardless of the cause.  


Frequent loose stool or watery diarrhea to the point of incontinence.


and Gas

We all know cabbage, broccoli, and beans cause gas, but some people get an unreasonable amount of gas from everything they eat.

Stop Suffering from Gluten and Dairy Intolerance

Many people are sensitive to or unable to tolerate gluten and/or dairy and have to go to great lengths each day to avoid products that contain them.  People who get weekly treatment for about 2 to 3 months with acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine often find their ability to digest gluten and dairy increases such that they are able to eat some things they couldn't eat before, or when they accidentally eat some then their symptoms are less severe.

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