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Stroke Recovery

Scalp acupuncture is a powerful tool for recovery from stroke damage -- including hemiplegia, inability to speak or swallow, loss of field of vision, loss of hearing and memory problems. But this capability of acupuncture is not yet common knowledge. 

Scalp acupuncture is even more effective than body acupuncture alone when treating stroke damage, because when the needles are placed in the scalp, they influence the region within the brain deep below the needle that controls the limbs or senses.  

Research is being done to scientifically corroborate what acupuncturists have already witnessed, but for those who are suffering now, there is no time to wait.

When to Begin Treatment?

The sooner the stroke patient begins scalp acupuncture treatment, the better the  prognosis -- starting within days to weeks will yield a better outcome.  Even if many months or years have passed, getting treatment can still make permanent changes for some patients. 

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