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Cancer Treatment Support

In China, cancer is often treated with both Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) along with modern medicine.  This is called integrated medicine, where the best of both types of medicine are used at the same time.  In the Western world we don't have access to integrated medicine and so people with cancer usually only get treatment with some combination of chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery.  This is unfortunate because it means that people undergoing cancer treatment are not getting the benefit of the supportive aspects of TCM. This can make it harder to tolerate or even finish chemotherapy or that the side effects of cancer treatment never get addressed.

Cancer Treatment Symptoms That TCM Can Treat

  • nausea

  • lack of appetite

  • exhaustion

  • insomnia

  • feeling too hot

  • night sweats

  • feeling too sweaty during the day

  • excessive thirst

  • dry mouth, throat, or lips

  • numb or achy fingers and toes

  • sadness or despair

  • irritability, anger or frustration

  • lack of will or motivation

  • poor memory and inability to concentrate

More To Know About TCM Cancer Treatment Support

During chemotherapy, most Western oncologists will not allow patients to take Chinese herbal medicine simultaneously because they are unfamiliar with it and are afraid it will counteract the chemotherapy.  In this case, acupuncture without Chinese herbal medicine is still quite effective at reducing cancer treatment side effects.  After chemotherapy is complete, Chinese herbal medicine can then be added if necessary. 

It is important to understand that it is unnecessary to find an acupuncturist who specializes in treating cancer because all acupuncturists are trained to treat the above listed symptoms regardless of the cause.  For example, nausea can be caused by digestive issues, morning sickness, chemotherapy, hangover, concussion, neck pain, migraine, or severe pain, but nausea is treated with TCM in essentially the same way regardless of the cause. 

When seeking out a TCM practitioner to help you get though cancer treatment, consider location.  Choose a practitioner who is only a short drive away from your home or work so that you can get treatment as often as you need it.  When you are feeling your worst, the last thing you want to be doing is driving across the city, so choose a practitioner that is nearby.

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