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Body Temperature

Problems with body temperature are extremely common, and Western medicine has no solution for such a complaint, unless you've been diagnosed with a thyroid condition. In contrast, adjusting body temperature is a very basic capability of the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) system, and it can be done temporarily, as in lowering a fever, or changed for the long term, as for someone who suffers from hot flashes. In fact, correcting the body temperature is typically done first, which can often relieve other symptoms that you thought were unrelated.  A good example of this is fatigue.  It is common that people who are cold also tend to be tired (though not always). Once they get treatment to warm up their body temperature, the fatigue goes away, too.

5 Common Ways That People Feel Too Cold that Can Be Resolved with TCM


You are always cold and you need to wear more clothing than most people in order to feel comfortable.


Your hands and feet are always cold, but the rest of you feels comfortable.


You have difficulty getting warm again after being outside in cold weather.


You cannot fall asleep because you're too cold even though you're under many blankets.


You are always cold and you have a thyroid condition.

Why Has No One Told You That Body Temperature Problems Can Be Successfully Treated with TCM?

Unfortunately, outside of China where Western medicine and TCM are often integrated, medical doctors (MDs) are unfamiliar with TCM and so they remain unaware of its capabilities. 


For women in menopause, hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is often suggested as the only treatment option.  There is some debate amongst researchers as to whether HRT is associated with increased risk of cancer, but we need not wait until this debate is resolved. Instead, acupuncture can stimulate the regulatory ability of the endocrine system and influence the production of hormones from within the body. This is a more gentle and less invasive solution than externally adding hormones to the body via HRT.

Once enough people have experienced this type of treatment, it will eventually become common knowledge that it is possible to successfully resolve body temperature problems with TCM, even while the Western medical system is still debating the legitimacy of TCM techniques.

7 Common Ways That People Feel Too Hot that Can Be Resolved with TCM


You are always too hot and you need to wear less clothing than most people in order to feel comfortable.


You are having hot flashes because you are in menopause.


You are  having hot flashes, but you are not in menopause.


You are having hot flashes, but you are a man.


You are often sweating at night.


You are hot at night just when you are sleeping, but you're comfortable during the day.


Your feet are burning at night while you are sleeping and you have to keep sticking them out of the blankets in order to feel comfortable.

What Do You Mean By Resolved?

When you get TCM treatment, the goal is to treat the root of the problem, not mask the symptoms with medication.  When you are diagnosed correctly according to TCM, and get the appropriate treatment, then the effect is typically long-lasting. 


There are some instances where the effect might not be long-lasting, or will require ongoing regular treatment to keep stable. For example, if you're always cold, but your job requires you to work outside even in winter, then this will require more treatment than if you didn't have to keep working outside.  This type of situation is like a bucket with a hole in the bottom.  It is still possible to fill the bucket, but it will take somewhat longer, and you will need to refill it more often.  

For menopausal women getting hot flashes and night sweats, or people with chronically cold hands and feet, it is typical that once the these symptoms are treated with TCM, the effect is long-lasting and regular treatment is no longer required.

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